About Zarabeey


Zarabeey is here to offer the best quality traditionally-designed handmade prayer rugs, wall-hangings and floor carpets that you can find. We hope that the items in our product range will help you to attain a greater sense of shukr (gratitude) and closeness to the Divine. Allow our traditional wall-hangings to engage your visual field with evocations of the sacred. Stand on soothing, hand-knotted prayer rugs for your ibadah (worship). Gather for dhikr (remembrance of the Divine) upon our carpets...

In the Holy Quran, Allah says:


What Zarabeey means? “And carpets tastefully spread around.” (88:16). Zarabeey literally means carpets. Here, Allah (Mighty and Majestic) mentions the beauty of the promised Jannah (Paradise) to the believers. He created and knows human nature, and the delight and comfort we will find when seated on such carpets and beautifying our homes with them. A believer who strives to please the Creator throughout life would expect the best of rewards. And the Qur'anic mention of carpets indicates the significance of their presence and their effect. If they were not important, would they be mentioned in the Qur'an?

Hand knotting as an art : Hand-knotting of woolen carpets is a skill that runs through generations, its techniques transmitted by expert artisans. Traditional patterns of vivid colors and easily recognizable forms attract considerable demand around the globe. Zarabeey prayer rugs reflect a synthesis between fresh artistry and trusted tradition.

Our team includes masters in this field who have been weaving, washing and producing for more than four decades. We do not mass produce our goods. They are not subjected to the pressures of commercialization, either. Our values stem from mastery of the art of hand-knotting, and the production of items that are unique and of surpassing quality. Professional excellence is a thread that has been handed down to us by our ancestors. Their experience and export acumen are the invaluable assets which have contributed to making Zarabeey an exceptional contemporary brand.

From The Blog

“AlhamduliLah, I received the rug yesterday...JazakAllahu khairan for sending it so quickly. mashaAllah its very beautiful...InshaAllah it will be my place of salaat and dhikr for many years to come. jazakAllahu khairan again for informing us of these fine rugs...inshaAllah i will cherish mine as one of my most honored possessions in the dunya.”

Hasan S. Ahmed