Prayer Rugs

Hand Knotted Prayer Rugs

Embrace the blessings of Allah (Mighty and Majestic) wherever you may be. Our premium quality hand knotted prayer rugs offer you sacred ground wherever you travel. Attributes of Shukr and Brakah will flow through your soul as you offer Salat on our prayer rugs. Wherever you use yours, you will thank Allah for the blessing of its beautiful colors, exquisite patterns and designs, and everlasting durability.

We use Middle Eastern wool to produce each of our exquisite hand knotted prayer rugs. This wool provides a soft and rich texture for each piece. Each of our unique prayer rugs feature Islamic floral designs and a motif that evokes the pillars of a classical Masjid. Once you experience the difference of a Zarabeey prayer rug, your body and soul will feel at peace.