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How thick is the pile of a Zarabeey carpet?

The thickness of the pile varies depending on the style of the carpet.


Why do handmade carpets have some imperfections?

Handmade carpets have imperfections since they are handmade, and this adds to the interest of individual carpets, their characteristics and their value. In nomadic carpets, most variations are not intentional, but simply due to the fact that the manufacturing process is much harder for nomadic weavers than it is for workshop weavers. The looms used in rural areas are usually very basic horizontal looms placed on the floor, which makes it much more difficult to knot a perfectly symmetrical rug.


My carpet has different shades and nuances. Is this a fault or defect?

This is not a fault in the carpet. What you see is known as an abrash. An abrash is a Turkish word meaning partly-colored. Such difference or nuance in coloration is commonly found in nomadic carpets, and it occurs when a weaver uses yarn from a dye that was not done in the exact same shade as the yarn previously used. The abrash adds more character and charm to the carpet and also reminds us of the working conditions of the carpet weaver.


Are the photos of your carpets an accurate representation? How can I be sure that the color I see on the screen is the real color of the carpet?

The photos of our carpets are taken professionally with a high-resolution digital camera in a temperature-controlled environment, and the photos are then processed using Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, the photos of the carpets are as accurately representative as such equipment allows. However, it also depends on the type, quality and age of the screen one uses to view the photos, and this can affect how they and their colors are displayed on your screen.


Are your carpets manufactured using child labour?

We have buyers who continuously visit and inspect the villages, workshops and resident nomads by whom some of our carpets are produced. They monitor the production of these carpets and also check working conditions and ensure that no children are involved in our production process. Previously, child labor was a common part of the culture of making hand-knotted carpets, but this has since changed over the years due to the pressure and awareness that has been raised on the issue of child labor worldwide.

What's the fluff in my carpet?

It is not unusual for a new handmade carpet to fluff. During the first few weeks, surplus wool that has been trapped in the pile begins to surface and is gradually released.

There is nothing to worry about and trying to speed up the natural process will only cause extra wear and tear to your carpet. The best advice is to be patient, and with general use you will see that the fluffing gradually slows down and eventually stops.


Do you have a store or exhibition that I could visit to view a carpet?

No, we do not currently have any store or exhibition space where one can view the carpets. We only sell our carpets in our shop on the Web, and you can only view them on our Web site. If you are interested in purchasing a more exclusive carpet, (with value of 5000 € or more) it is possible to arrange for a visit to our showroom to see the carpet before making your decision. For that, please write to us. We will also be participating at different Islamic conferences. Please see our Web site for details.

Do you have a catalogue for your carpets?

No, we do not have a catalogue since all of our carpets can be viewed on our Web site. This method of presentation allows us to continuously update the details about the carpets we sell, providing more accurate and current information to our customers whenever possible.


How do I purchase a carpet from your website?

Begin by selecting the carpet you want to buy. Click on the image for more detailed information. On the right-hand side, you'll see the price of the carpet. If the carpet is not already sold or reserved by some one,  a button under the price should invite you to Buy. Click on the Buy button to place the carpet in your shopping cart, which appears on the top left-hand side of the Web page. The same procedure can be repeated to add multiple carpets to your shopping cart. The next step is to click on the Proceed to Checkout link that is visible under the carpets in your shopping cart. To complete the transaction, choose your payment method: Paypal or bank transfer. Select one and follow the instructions given.


How does your pricing work?

Putting a price on a handmade carpet is difficult. It can depend on the quality of the wool, the colours used, the design of the pattern. And, of course, whether it is an old carpet or a type that is hard to find these days. Examples of this include blessed sandals and Huwa Hu designs, which only specialized weavers can make, placing the cost of production higher.



Can I borrow a carpet to see if it fits in my home?

It is not possible to borrow a carpet. If you purchase a carpet and find that it doesn’t fit as expected, you can return it within 15 days, but you will have to bear the costs of shipping.


How secure are the transactions I make?

The transactions on our Web site are very secure and we co-operate with DIBS which handles all our Internet payments. All payments are made on a safe, encrypted connection for your security and to protect and prevent our customers from fraud. All payments are authorized with a technique know as 3D-Secure. All payments are also controlled manually for your safety.


What payment methods do you accept?

We offer two methods of payment through Paypal; and through advance payment transacted directly from your bank account to our bank account.


How do I view my orders?

You can view your orders by clicking on My account, located at the top of the Web page and logging in with your email address and password. Here you can view your current and previous orders, and you also have the possibility of tracking your current shipments.


How do I cancel an order?

If you want to cancel an order, please send an email to order@zarabeey.com and we will cancel the order and confirm it for you. You can also log in to your account and cancel the order by yourself.


How can I change my order?

If you want to change an order, send an email to order@zarabeey.com and let us know what carpet you would like instead of the one ordered. Please note that we can only change orders that have not been sent out already and those placed with the bank transfer option, meaning that they have not been handled or sent from our warehouse!


How much does the shipping cost?


When you proceed to checkout, depending on the total weight of carpet/s selected, the shipping charges will be calculated.


How long does the shipping take?

The normal delivery-time is 3-5 workdays.


Do I need to be home to receive my carpet?

Yes, someone needs to be home when the delivery arrives. You can contact UPS/FedEx/DHL for further information about the delivery-time or for help changing the delivery address.


How do I track my order and shipment?

After you have placed your order and it has been packed, you will receive a confirmation email from Zarabeey.com. This email contains shipping information and tracking information. You can use this information to track your order through the UPS/FedEx/DHL website at www.ups.com / www.fedex.com / www.dhl.com.You can also track your orders by logging into Zarabeey.com using the password and username you registered and clicking on My account.


Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

No, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes, since the package needs to be signed for.



If I don’t like the carpet can I return it?

Yes, you can return your carpet if you do not like it. You have a 15 days money back guarantee, but you will have to bear the shipping charges for both sides.


How do I make a return?

To make a return, you have to email us at order@zarabeey.com and let us know that you want to make a return. We will then send you a return dispatch note by ordinary post which contains packing labels and instructions on how to deal with your return.


What do I do if my carpet is damaged on arrival?

If your carpet is damaged on arrival, please contact UPS/DHL locally and report the damage to them and then let us know immediately by email at order@zarabeey.com.


How do you package the carpets and ensure that they are safe to ship?

All our carpets are packed according to instructions from UPS/DHL. The carpets are folded and placed in a thick protective plastic before being packed and sealed into a custom-sized cardboard box. Runners are rolled.



How do I get rid of folds and creases in my carpet?

Folds and creases can be remedied by simply placing something heavy (but safe) like a stack of books on the affected area. After a few days you should notice an improvement and the rug will lay flat on the floor. Creases on a rug will gradually disappear with regular use.


How do I get rid of stains?

There are a number of ways to get rid of stains depending on what kind of stain it is. For the best results, deal with the stain immediately and remove as much of it as you can.


Can I wash my carpet myself?

We strongly advise you to contact a professional rug cleaner who knows how to properly clean your rug. Attempting to wash your rug yourself can cause irreversible damage to your rug.

From The Blog

“I have purchased a few rugs from Zarabeey. One currently hangs as a centerpiece in our living room and others we have given as gifts to dear friends. The quality is superb: the colors are rich and vibrant; the pile is thick, densely woven and yet luxuriously soft; and the handmade craftsmanship is exquisite. These rugs are the real deal - you can't go wrong!”

Dr Saquib Lakhani U.S.A