Blessed Sandal's Rug


Our Blessed Sandal’s Rug boldly fills its dimensions with the design of Nalai’n Mubarak (the blessed sandals) which were worn by the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace). The Islamic art depicted on this high quality double-knotted rug reflects the sacredness and beauty of the prophetic way. This unique piece can be used as an Islamic wall hanging to evoke Barakah throughout your home. Its use as a prayer rug has also been permitted by the ulema (Muslim scholars of Islam). Stand inside of the image of the sandal and place the crown of your head on it while prostrating to Allah Most High.

Items which carry the design of Nalai’n Mubarak are sacred. Such items are to be treated with reverence and affection. Insha Allah (if Allah wills), this image can also be a means of obtaining His blessings.


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